Berkeley Lab

Additional Life-Saving Measures Provided During the Great Shake Out

photo of emergency whistle attached to keychain

All Access Employe Resource Group helped distribute emergency whistles during the “Great Shakeout” drill Oct. 20.

During the Lab’s Great Shake Out Drill on October 20, Protective Services and the All Access Employee Resource Group collaborated to provide additional resources for all employees, including those with disabilities.

Potentially life-saving whistles were distributed with the message, “If you can be heard, you can be rescued.” Also, employees were reminded that it is always a good idea to arrange a personal support group with a few trusted colleagues; personnel who are aware of medical conditions, limitations, or just your general whereabouts and well-being.

Employees who may need extra assistance in an emergency are also encouraged to self-identify by emailing to allow support needs for issues with panic, mobility, vision, hearing, etc. The information will only be shared if approved by the employee.