Berkeley Lab

On a Roll: One Scientist’s Tales of Plowing through Barriers to Accessibility

photo of Dr. Jeanine Cook

Who: Dr. Jeanine Cook
What: A frank (and funny) conversation about living with disability in a mostly inaccessible world
When: 12-1 p.m., Monday, Oct. 24
Where: Building 59, Room 3101 (Wang Hall)

Dr. Jeanine Cook has been on a roll since she broke her back in a car accident 33 years ago. A respected member of Sandia National Lab’s Scalable Architectures Group, Dr. Cook earned her Ph.D. in computer science and became a professor at New Mexico State University for a decade before joining Sandia. In 2008, she received a Presidential Early Career Award at the White House and she regularly makes time to help mentor students and early career professionals. Along her path, she encounters a number of obstacles and insults that able-bodied folks rarely know exist, much less think about.

On Monday, Oct. 24,  Berkeley Lab’s Disability Inclusion Employee Resource Group will present a conversation between Dr. Cook and Jon Bashor of Computing Sciences as part of Berkeley Lab’s Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month. An engaging and humorous speaker, Dr. Cook will discuss how one determined woman does her best to plow through obstacles, both accidental and intentional, and how everyone can help each other. Topics may include:

  • Allegedly ADA-compliant hotel rooms
  • Stinky, messy handicapped stalls
  • TSA Trials and Tribulations
  • Why disabled facilities are often in the worst locations
  • Why 88 percent of disabled people stay home and eat bon-bons

And she’ll candidly answer all of your questions.

Please join us at noon on Oct. 24 in the Building 59 Main Conference Room (3101) for what promises to be a fun, free-ranging and educational conversation.