Digital Accessibility Initiative

The Digital Accessibility Initiative (DAI) aims to champion accessibility practices in Berkeley Lab's digital spaces and products— particularly webpages, events, and publications.

If you have questions or are interested in getting involved, contact us at or reach out to Co-Chairs Jeremy Snyder and Katie Carney at or 

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Resources and Advice for Digital Accessibility

Below are tips and best practices for making your work accessible in any area. 

Click the drop-downs to see a "Top 3" list of the core practices to follow, with links to learn more about each. Scroll to the "General Resources" area to see wide-ranging resources covering more comprehensive and in-depth learning and tools. 

Best practices by subject


+ Documents and Emails

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+ Meetings and Conferences

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+ Presentations and Figures

Social Media

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Best practices


Our Vetted Resources

A great place to start with the basics:

Screenshot of accessibility posters with text "designing for accessibility"

These simple visual guides cover best practices for accommodating a wide range of disabilities in design. 

A one-stop shop:

W3C logo

This website offers overviews and introductions to the fundamental principles of accessibly, along with trainings and guides for implementing web accessibility. 

A guide for web developers:

line drawing of a flowchart

This online book is a series of technical guides and checklists for implementing accessibility compliance on a webpage or app. 

Events and Resources specific to Berkeley Lab

hands signing in ASL

How to procure a sign language interpreter for an event

(Guide coming soon) 

colorful puzzle pieces against a blue backgorund

One Scientist's experience working at Berkeley Lab with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

(Recording coming soon)

Other Resources 

a 2D illustration of a checklist

 A comprehensive checklist for meetings, conferences, training, and presentations 

A grid of video and volume icons

A guide for implementing best practices for accessibility on Zoom

A large black and white version of the closed caption symbol

Turning on closed captions is critical to inclusive meetings

A data visualization chart showing dots in numerous colors

Specific colors and strategies to use for making your figures visible to all.

a speaker at a podium giving a presentation

How to impliment One Minute for IDEA slides

Tips and tools for incorporating discussions of diversity and inclusion into any meeting

A grid of icons representing different disabilities

A document checklist for best practices before and during a meeting.

A close-up image of hands reading braille

A forward-looking blog post from UC IT about the path towards accessibility across the UC system.