The Neurodiversity Working Group

All Access has recently launched the Neurodiversity Working Group, aimed at developing a community, compiling resources, and influencing lab policy for neurodivergent individuals and their allies. 

Neurodiversity acknowledges the natural diversity of human brains, recognizing the value of cognitive differences. This terminology encompasses every brain’s differences but also gives space to describe the differences in the brains of neurodivergent people, or people with conditions including but not limited to: 


Melissa Romanus

Jean Sexton

Hannah Parrilla

Hannah Ross

Events & Recordings

Monthly Group Meetings

Do you or someone close to you have a neurodivergent condition? Or are you interested in being an ally and learning more about these unique differences that have evolved in the human population?

Connect with fellow Berkeley Lab colleagues and join in on short facilitated discussions once every month about better supporting our neurodivergent coworkers and the many advantages neurodiversity can bring! 

Celebrate Autism Acceptance Month, April 2024!

Check out the 2024 Autism Acceptance Month webpage to find exciting events and more.

ADHD in Girls and Women: Historic Underrepresentation, Long-term Outcomes, and Stigma

A Presentation by Dr. Stephen Hinshaw

A Neurodivergent Scientist's Journey

A Presentation by Dr. Hannah Ross

New Frontiers in Mental Health Equity: Community-Engaged Research and  Digital Interventions to Bridge the Treatment Gap for Queer, Veteran, and Neurodivergent Trauma Survivors

A Presentation by Dr. Eve Rosenfeld