Sick Leave Policy amended to support Mental Health

RPM Sick Leave Policy Revised in Support of Mental Health

The All Access ERG Mental Health Initiative subcommittee, in collaboration with the Nuclear Science IDEA Council, the Physical Science Workplace Life Committee, the IDEA Office, and other interested parties, partnered closely with the Human Resources Division to revise and improve the RPM Sick Leave policy to include language that supports sick leave usage parity between mental and physical illness and aims to reduce the stigma of mental illness and disabilities.

Although the Sick Leave policy always implied support for mental health, the revision clarifies the policy, removes ambiguity, and better aligns its language to support definitions in the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Berkeley Lab HR Policy team has suggested a similar change to the UC Systemwide HR Policy group for future revisions of the UC PPSM 2.210: Absence From Work policy

This revised Sick Leave policy can be viewed here. Supervisors/Managers should seek guidance from their HR Division Partner for questions about the implementation of this policy.

The following guidelines are provided to support employees and supervisors/managers on how to navigate requests for sick leave:

The following resources are available to employees and supervisors: