Mental Health Initiative

The All Access ERG's Mental Health Initiative, led by co-chairs Jean Sexton and Melissa Romanus, provides resources and holds space for Berkeley Lab employees struggling with mental health. We host outreach and support events aimed at helping employees as well as educating our allies on how to make Berkeley Lab a safe and welcoming professional environment where everyone can succeed. 

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Wellness in the New Normal

Are you looking for ways to improve handling the stress of shelter in place?  Have you found approaches that enhance your resilience around the challenges of working from home that you can share?

Connect with fellow Berkeley Lab colleagues and join in on short facilitated discussions once every two weeks to share tips on being well throughout this challenging time. The sessions will be roughly 30 minutes each, during the lunch hour every other Tuesday, 12:15-12:45 pm. 

Join us on Zoom! 

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You’re not alone: recent studies have revealed that mental health struggles are extremely common among researchers. Watch this one-hour seminar for an expert-led discussion on the causes and remedies of mental health challenges in science & academia

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Balancing our professional and personal lives in an increasingly chaotic world is no easy feat. This one-hour seminar and facilitated discussion helps identify the signs and provides strategies to mitigate and prevent work-related stress.

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Dragonfly Mental Health is back to discuss the role supervisors can play in mitigating burnout for their staff.